More companies and public bodies now use drama to communicate a message, highlight a product, a new idea or implement training. Good drama can work brilliantly in these areas. We draw upon our experience of award winning drama production with the knowledge and know-how of script writing, casting, single camera directing the use of narrative based drama conventions.


A scripted drama with actors might not be the first thought when you have a product or message to get out there. But it can be a very persuasive medium. Marketing is often about connecting an emotion. Think about the impact a children’s charity film or a fight cancer campaign can have, all telling a scripted story with actors based on fact and research.

We have produced films designed to create a wider discussion in the case of the Policing future film or for a specific long term training project for social workers in the case of An Ordinary Life. The impact a 30sec or 10min scripted drama film can have can be long lasting and has good viral potential.



Serco wanted a different type of training film. They wanted to use a drama short to highlight the issue of care today which will be used within an ongoing training project. We scripted and produced An Ordinary Life which followed three connecting stories dealing with today’s themes of care and the hard decisions family carers are facing today.



College of Policing

We were commissioned to shoot a police drama highlighting the future of policing and policing technology and the wider impact on criminal justice system to meet this future. Aimed at a wider Police and Home Office audience.



“We have worked with Lorne and his Good Guys Productions crew on a number of film projects, including showcasing new technology in policing. They are keen storytellers, always looking to bring subjects to life. We have been impressed with their creativity and overall project management. They are fun, innovative and professional.”

Aaron Brown

Brand and Publications Manager, Hampshire Constabulary



A corporate promo can be far more exciting than the name suggests. We’ve created films with flying sheep, virtual tv studios and the inside of blast furnaces all to convey a message or an idea aimed at a specific audience.


More and more companies and public bodies now use drama to tell a truth, implement training or inform about new ideas. We draw upon our experience of award winning short film fiction production with knowledge and know-how of script production, casting and high level production and the use of narrative based drama has worked brilliantly in this growth area.


We work directly with brand companies but also traditional agencies and digital agencies to deliver production ideas that keep brand and product value firmly in focus. Whether it’s a virtual rugby ball being kicked in a virtual stadium or an ad to challenge perceptions of Armed Police we believe ads should be tiny gems that shine bright.


From award winning campaigns about homelessness to a campaign on assisted dying to a series of 15 second animated films aimed to warn against child exploitation, we don’t shy away from hard issues that need creative thinking to cut through the fog of online video content.



The University of Winchester wanted a promo film that captured the spirit of their Uni, the city and a sense of achievement amongst the graduating students. The film has now been seen by 14k potential students.

Hampshire police wanted to use drama to show the power of Body Worn Video within policing to a national audience as well as for wider training use. We scripted, cast and produced a 10 minute drama around domestic violence taking inspiration from true accounts.
A social media campaign to help spot the warning signs of Child Sexual Exploitation. A series of 10-15 second animations using original artwork from Portsmouth  Artist Roma-May Daly. The campaign was a aimed firmly at reaching its audience though at social media.
Lucky is an ad structured film which in which we created a simple yet specific message that wasn’t lost in a need to box tick and so the film was engaging and relevant to all. We also picked up a Royal Television Society award as best online Ad.

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'Sick' Film on BBC breakfast this morning. Charlotte Howden and Prof Cathy Nelson-Piercy on the virtual red sofa this morning getting the HG message out. Well done all
@film_sick #hg #hyperemesis 2

Sick - The Battle Against HG is coming to Prime Video in Japan soon! #primevideo #hyperemesis #globaldocumentary #filmmaker #japan