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4K Way

THE 4K WAY Find out how Good Guys are utilising 4K technology " The Future of Film? We’ve been using 4K for a while now, and interestingly that there has been a recent shift with more clients knowing about the term 4K. But we are also seeing clients who... read more

Today's 'Sick' shooting with Charlotte herself interviewed by Dr Hannah Wilson-Clinical Psychologist. Using the 'Eyedirect' system for a straight to lens shot. Allows the interviewer and interviewee to look directly at each other, a la Erol Morris. It worked a treat @film_sick 3

Check our latest TVAd for Peter Green showing now on SkyAds Really great work from a talented bunch working to a tight budget. We'll share some of the cheap inside shoot secrets of this animation-live action mix soon..
#tvcommercial #Ads #broadcast