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    Delivering Ideas
    A great Studio allows control and flexibility, even when the subject is a moving sword.
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    On location as some of a large cast wait for their bully beef.
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    Getting the set up and lighting right is cricial even when the Green Screen is Blue.
    Meltdown. A film that featured a choreographed dance number in the middle of a supermarket. Now that would make the shopping more fun.
    On Location with the Police in action

welcome to good guys productions

Welcome to Good Guys, the guys whose passion for film, media and all things image storytelling is at the heart of what we do. We’re a video production company with the ability to draw upon many fields of expertise working closely with you to ensure your film exceeds your targets and expectations.

Whether you’re an Ad agency looking for production input to your creative idea or a Digital Marketing agency needing a green screen in a strange location with an engaging presenter we can make this happen. You may need a scripted drama based message with top actors or maybe you’re a University looking for a new filmic way to promote your vibrant campus, Good Guys has already delivered on all these briefs. We draw upon years of experience within the industry from studio or location work with large crew multi cam productions to smaller DSLR shoots to the more unusual options like 360 stills.

Technology is important and we utilise the very latest which can be great tool to achieve a film that looks high in budget to appeal to your core market. But we believe it is the idea and approach above all that is the crucial element that ensures a successful piece of moving image content…or as we say a Great Good Guys film. It’s this approach that has meant we’ve also won an award or two. Our film Lucky won the Royal Television Society award for best online ad, and this idea was achieved using current technology with a very small crew.

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